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If someone vandalizes your home or place of business, it could cost thousands of dollars to repair. It’ll cost even more if they break any windows or stonework. Rather than paying for the repairs out of your own pocket, you need to file an insurance claim. Ideally, your claim will be paid. If that’s the case, you’ll just have to wait a week or two for your check. If your claim is denied or the insurance company only pays part of your claim, you need help. You should call and talk to a skilled Florida public adjuster as soon as possible after you get the denial letter.

Vandalism Can Be Committed on Either Residential or Commercial Property

There’s never a good reason for someone to vandalize your property. Some people just get a thrill out of destroying other people’s property. They could have done it out of boredom. Or they may have done it to earn their way into a gang. Usually, when someone vandalizes your business, they smash windows, break down doors or spray-paint all over the building. This kind of vandalism is less common with residential properties, but it does happen from time to time.

Most Vandalism Damage is Covered

The good news is that most insurance companies pay out on this type of claim. If you or your family didn’t cause the vandalism, your claim should be approved. But there are times when the insurance company chooses not to pay. This is when you need to turn your case over to an experienced vandalism damage adjuster. They’ll get in touch with the insurance company and let them know you have retained an attorney. This way, they won’t try to take advantage of you or deny your claim hoping you won’t file an appeal.

Take Advantage of a Free Estimate from a Skilled Florida Public Adjuster

If your home or business has been vandalized, you deserve to have someone pay to have it repaired. Even if you find out who the culprit is, there may be no way to get them to pay. You figure the reason you pay for homeowner’s insurance is so that they’ll take care of you in situations like this. When you find out that they’ve denied your claim, you’re going to be frustrated. That’s when you should call and talk to one of our Florida public adjusters.

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